How long does it take to print Golf Balls?

It can take as quick as a day on certain jobs if it is on our UV printer but one and two colours a bit longer - three to four days.


What type of Golf Balls do you sell?

We sell all major brand names and our range of balls vary from one piece to four piece. 


Do you deliver Golf Balls outside Gauteng?

Yes we do... We do sameday delivery in Gauteng and a one to two day delivery for the rest of South Africa on unbranded balls.


What is minimum orders?

One and two colour jobs we do not print less than 12 - Full Colour no minimums


Where are you situated?

Our offices are in Pretoria, close to all the major golf brands.

What is the difference between pad printing and UV printing?

Our one and two colour prints are done on a pad printer. We are able to mix an imported hardener into the ink which gives it a longer hold (Although no print is guaranteed to scathing, rocks and the grooves of a club) Max print area 23mm

UV printing works on the same principle as a digital printer - and although UV heated process is used to dry the ink it does not last. The maximum printed are is 20mm


Do you only sell Golf Balls?

No, we supply all golfing promotional items and have a selection of over 200 items to choose from - please request a catalogue here

About Us

Print2theT (Pty) Ltd is a South African Registered Company that specialises in the supply of golf balls and promotional golf items

Phone: 083 940 7090

Fax: 086 716 0761

Email: louis(at)print2theT.co.za

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