Due to the nature of golf ball printing no orders will be refunded after go-ahead received.

Golf ball printing is a specialised field. The printing area is very small and in some instances fonts can be as small as a millimeter high which means that sometimes script is so small that its hardly readible - it is therefore of high importance to check the actual size of your proof (printing height of fonts min 1.4mm high) - if it seems to be too small rather ask our designer to enlarge the type. One also print on an uneven surface and the surface is concave - which can lead to extruding.

If you have not specified your Pantone colour (which carries an additional cost) we will try to the best of our ability to match that colour by ourselves.

If we have printed your golf balls in error - we will collect the balls at our own cost via a courier, clean the balls and reprint the correct artwork. NO REFUNDS ON THE BALLS.


Types of Ink Applications:

We use two printing methods: 

UV printing is the full colour printing option or 3D logo option (Ink is sprayed onto the ball and dried by UV lamp) Print does not last very long
PadPrinting Option (only one or two SOLID colours) The ink is mixed with hardener which gives it a longer lasting print 



Print2theT can not be held responsible for lost packages and if you want to insure a parcel prior arrangements and fees need to be taken in consideration. If we have quotes a delivery fee and for some reason the Courier Guy charges us more - you will be asked to pay the difference of the total.





About Us

Print2theT (Pty) Ltd is a South African Registered Company that specialises in the supply of golf balls and promotional golf items

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